The Lord is my strength, my sword, my shield. He is everything that makes my life cozy. I am given jobs whenever I ask him. Opportunities arise whenever I pray to him. I must do his will in order to keep me cozy. Why? why am I so calm? Why am I so happy? When all of my friends are gone, my bills are high, and I’m jobless. why am I so happy? Why do I look at the sky and begin to tear up with hope, joy, excitement, I look at the sky and see the colors that the Lord of Lords created just so I can admire and astonish. His word is warmth in this cruel and dark world. His word is true in the midst of hell. He is the one that makes me cozy.


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Currently trying to do the will of God! bible says to be like a child, so I will try and be like a child!

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